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All about Safaris in Tanzania February 16, 2023

A safari is an amazing way to experience the wonders and beauty of the famed Big Five, the Serengeti, and the amazing people living there. Want to learn how to travel to Africa on safari? Then save the date: the SAFARI DEMO in-person event is coming to Murrells Inlet on Thursday February 16th.

You will hear from several exciting Africa experts including:Samson Kyashama, Founder & CEO, Excellent Guides, who was formerly a Certified Safari Guide (attending virtually from Tanzania). Kathleen Rigby, author of Fighting Lions with Loo Rolls, who raised her family in Kenya. She will share some incredible stories about East Africa, including safaris! (in person) Michael Graham, President of MGA Travel and Graham Tours, author of the River Cruise Bible, who loves going on Safari, designs Safari itineraries with Excellent Guides, and has visited over 83 countries and counting (in person). We will have a special emphasis on Tanzania and the value of a proper safari. This is a limited seating event and there are no walk ins so you must RSVP.     The event is in Murrells Inlet at 11am on February 16, 2023. LIMITED SEATING and No walk-ins permitted, this is an exclusive SafariDemo event from Graham Tours and MGA Travel. There will be a very nice show special offer only for attendees.We will have a special emphasis on Tanzania and East Africa.  




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